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Jost explore is an independent media & Illustration production company founded by Joe Watson and Stine Myhrstad, specialising in photography, videography, Post Production and Illustration.

Stine and Joe have a vast amount of experience travelling and documenting the world through film and photography. Individually and collectively, they have worked with a variety of brands to achieve a professional outcome for their specific media & illustrative requirements.

Photography and Videography

JOST Explore can meet your creative needs and offer advice to help your creative ideas. Events photography and film, we have you covered. Or maybe you need a product shoot, send us an email with the specifics.

Colour Grading

Colour grading and correction is our favourite. We work with the client to decide on an overall look for the project. This is achieved through visual referencing or written instructions to determine the desired look and emotion for the project. We then proceed to apply the request throughout the entirety of the project.


Books, Newspapers, Logo Design, Product Design Mock Up, Clothing Mock ups


Hello, and welcome to our site. My name is Joe and I am half of JOST Explore.


I grew up in the English countryside, surrounded by incredible scenery and natural beauty. My parents would often take me and my sister to beautiful locations around England, often visiting National Trust and English Heritage sites, as well as beautiful coastlines around the South West of England.


During my childhood, we never travelled abroad, however my Grandparents were avid travellers and I grew up listening to stories of their worldwide travels. Stories of tropical islands, South America in the 70’s, Africa in the 80’s and America in the 90’s. They would also take us on trips around England, while filming our childhood on a chunky handheld VHS ‘Camcorder’. As a young child, I overlooked anything and everything that wasn’t right in front of my nose at that moment in time, however all these factors would eventually direct me to discovering my passion for film and travel.


During my late teens I took my very first trip abroad to northern Italy on a Rugby Tour. I attempted to ski in the Alps and failed miserably, I also sampled local foods and drinks, drinking which I succeeded at. I continued to travel abroad during my early twenties with multiple trips to Spain, France and Italy however, the beast in me was still in slumber. I was a stupid kid at the time who did not understand the meaning of travelling abroad other than to go and cook myself on a beach.


The beast awoke during my first other worldly experience, a trip to Thailand, the furthest I had ever travelled from home. I travelled to Phuket to train at a Muay Thai camp for one month, the second month I spent exploring different locations around Thailand with one of my best friends. Here is where I started to realise just how much I loved to travel and how amazingly diverse the world is.


After Thailand, I landed a job with a Swedish company, this took me to Norway, where I met my love, Stine. The second part of JOST Explore. Stine introduced me to videography and Norway, the two go hand in hand. Norway in the most spectacular country I have ever explored and Stine is the most influential person I have ever met. She opened my eyes and help me to discover my true passion for photography, videography and travel, as well as shaping me into the person I am today.

Stine - JOST Explore

Hey, My name is Stine - Norwegian born and raised, and the other half of JOST explore.

Since I was a child my Dad, Mom and Step-Father took me and my siblings on adventures across the globe, it is thanks to them that I have  a sense for exploration and hunger to capture the world. 


My passion for creation started from a young age, from drawing to videography and photography, capturing the unique beauty of each moment, both big and small in any creative method I could. This passion drove me to begin my educationally journey with a two year travel course at high school, this then inspired me to work hard and fund my own independent excursions. Instead of holidays to Ibiza or Thailand or destinations that appeal to many young travellers, I chose Tanzania, alone at 19 years old, to provide aid to a small village in need.


After some time as a professional, I enrolled at university to study Illustration and Graphic Design. This was the stage in my life that took my raw passion of creation and shaped it into efficient and professional skill. Here I learnt how to be a professional, using professional editing softwares and creative processes. I gained a lot of valuable knowledge and experience, however, to  become a creative content professional takes a lot more than just skill, and being so young, the one thing missing was motivation.


I have always had a passion for care and health, and that is what drove me to put the creative side on hold and study Nursing. During Nursing School something amazing and unexpected happened, I met the love of my life, Joe. And with Joe, I felt it again, the creative motivation and drive that I had lost. 

There is nothing I love more, than exploring and creating with Joe. He inspires me to be the best version of myself and together we make the perfect team. 


I still have big dreams when it comes to using my health education to help people in need, and I am lucky that Joe shares the dream of giving back to the world.

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